Our Partners Are the Missing Pieces

Creating and growing a business can often feel like trying to build a puzzle. To succeed, you need patience, a vision of the completed picture and all the right pieces. Our strategic partners are the missing pieces you need to complete your vision for the business.

TwoRivers ITAD Solutions (TIS) is an R2 certified company that provides client-driven solutions to the growing challenge of electronics recycling, data security, and IT asset disposal (ITAD).  Since early 2011, TIS has had the privilege of serving VAR's, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare providers, and various small businesses. In 2019 alone, TIS recovered and processed nearly a million unique assets, from over 15,000 locations, both domestic and international.  Leverage the global re-sale network of TIS to potentially get money back for your retired IT assets.

  • Logistics: securely transporting your company‚Äôs end-of-life electronics to TIS 

  • Data destruction: destroying all data to DoD or NIST standards and delivering certificates of destruction for all data-bearing assets

  • Asset auditing: serialized inventory reporting and assessing the functionality and value of your electronics

  • Resale: reselling equipment via global sales channels to maximize value for your company

  • Recycling: processing the remaining e-scrap safely and with minimal environmental impact per R2 standards