Welcome to Digicon Forensics. Digital reconstruction is the foundation of our name and mission to our clients. We are a veteran-owned business in Peachtree City, GA with over 25 years of certified experience in digital forensics investigations, cybersecurity, litigation support and instructional design. Our professional services include:


Our clients rely on our expertise in digital forensics to locate, preserve, collect, and analyze digital artifacts, from a variety of sources. We understand how these artifacts relate to user and system behavior, and help our clients reconnect the digital puzzle pieces to present them with a picture of the truth.

Our professional training services are backed by decades of real-world experience from our own staff, as well as our training partners. We design and deliver courses uniquely tailored to meet the educational needs of our customers. On-site, live online, and self-paced delivery platforms empower our students with the knowledge and practical skills they need to perform with confidence and competence.

Whether your needs are data recovery, litigation support, digital forensics, or education, you can rely on Digicon Forensics as your trusted partner in pursuit of the truth.