Offering a SAFE Service for our Corporate Clients


At Digicon Forensics, we understand business relationships change and your company may lose an employee for a variety of reasons. The separation of an employee from your business, however, shouldn’t mean you have to be separated from your data or lose confidence in its security.

The Separated employee Analysis and Forensic Exam (SAFE) service is one of our digital forensics offerings specifically designed to help companies maintain confidence in the security of their data accessed by a former employee. 

The SAFE service begins with an assessment meeting with your leadership, HR, IT and legal teams to discuss the scope of services required.  Together, we will identify the IT assets assigned to the former employee, and any areas of specific concern.  You’ll receive a tailored SAFE plan to meet the needs of your organization and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect our communications and your data.  

We use industry-standard best practices during the preservation and collection phase of the SAFE service. With an emphasis placed on safeguarding the original integrity of the data, your legal team can trust our methods will adhere to any rules of evidence or other litigation requirements you may have. 


The analysis phase of the SAFE service involves a forensic examination of the data recovered from the IT assets, which can include workstations, laptops, mobile devices and external media. We will examine user behavior patterns within the following activities of the former employee:

  • Email and instant messenger communications
  • File and folder access
  • Internet activity
  • Network connections
  • External media interactions


These user activities leave behind a collection of digital artifacts, like pieces of a puzzle. Our law enforcement and corporate investigations experience affords us a unique understanding of where to look for these pieces, and how to put them back together for your team. 

At the conclusion of the SAFE service, you will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing how the former employee interacted with your data. We will also discuss the results of our analysis related to user activities and any concerns of potential data compromise identified by your team during the assessment meeting. Our goal for the SAFE service is to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve in the security of your data following an employee separation.  

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Digicon Forensics Joins Forces with TwoRivers ITAD Solutions (TIS)

We’ve formed a strategic partnership with TwoRivers ITAD Solutions (TIS) to provide our customers a truly unique solution of services. We’re offering our SAFE service combined with the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service from TIS in the package.


Combining the best of both partners, the SAFE ITAD package is crucial for any business needing to maintain confidence in the security of its data after the separation of an employee.

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