We live and work in a dynamic digital ecosystem, constantly interacting, directly and indirectly, with devices, systems and sub systems.  Surfing the Web on a laptop, tracking fitness progress on a watch, sending and receiving text messages on a phone or flying a drone at the park are just a handful of common examples.  Each of these interactions can leave behind digital artifacts or our activities like pieces of a puzzle. 

At Digicon Forensics, digital reconstruction is our namesake and mission to our clients.  With over 25 years of experience in digital forensics, litigation support and investigations, the certified professionals at Digicon Forensics understand that every puzzle is unique.  Regardless of the puzzle you’re faced with, you can rely on our expertise to help you locate the pieces from a variety of sources and rebuild a picture of the truth which is both intuitive and easily presented to all stakeholders. 

From the initial consultation to the final report, we’ll work closely with you to assess the scope of your needs, and ensure our response is aligned with your mission and budget.  As our client and partner, your mission becomes our mission.  We appreciate the importance of the bottom line for any sized organization and won’t recommend unnecessary procedures or surprise you with hidden costs.  Our services can range from providing technical consultation to a complete collection and analysis package. 

From our law enforcement and corporate investigative experience we appreciate that some incidents may require litigation for closure.  We adhere to strict standards for maintaining proper evidence handling and chains of custody.  We place an emphasis on safeguarding evidence integrity by employing industry best practices during the preservation, collection and analysis phases. As a result, you can confidently incorporate our services and findings into your litigation strategy. If necessary, you can also leverage our experience providing courtroom testimony to ensure the digital puzzle we’ve reconstructed is easily interpreted and presented by your legal team. Whether you’re in need of a consultation or full digital forensics package, you can rely on Digicon Forensics as your trusted partner in pursuit of the truth. 

The Separated employee Analysis and Forensic Exam (SAFE) service is one of our digital forensics offerings specifically designed to help companies maintain confidence in the security of their data accessed by a former employee.

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