PEACHTREE CITY, GA –Digicon Forensics LLC has partnered with TwoRivers ITAD Solutions (TIS) to provide both digital reconstruction and forensic investigations, as well as secure data destruction and responsible recycling for businesses and individuals.

“When an employee separates from a company, the IT assets they were assigned may contain mission-critical data. This creates a need to ensure the data wasn’t compromised before the assets are reused within the company, or securely and responsibly retired or recycled by TwoRivers ITAD Solutions (TIS), ” says Robert Maddox, President of Digicon Forensics, a veteran-owned business in Peachtree City, Georgia specializing in data preservation and analysis. “Through our strategic partnership with TIS, we’re offering the Separated employee Analysis and Forensic Exam (SAFE) service,” adds Maddox. Using industry standard best practices, Digicon Forensics can preserve the data for redundancy and compliance and analyze how the former employee interacted with the data. “We’ll put the puzzle pieces back together, using SAFE, and provide the company with a completed picture of how its former employees interacted with their data.”

“The need to minimize risk within organizations in regard to data security is what drives the solutions that both TwoRivers ITAD Solutions and Digicon Forensics provide. While Digicon focuses on what can be done when an employee separates from a company, TIS focuses on what can be done when a company is ready to separate from equipment. Risk does not stop just because devices are no longer deployed or in service,” states Jason Price, President of TwoRivers ITAD Solutions, an R2 certified processing facility for end of life assets in Lithonia, Georgia specializing in data destruction and device remarketing. “Through this strategic partnership with Digicon Forensics, we’re offering our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) recovery services,” Price states, “which can provide organizations with serialized reporting, responsible recycling and remarketing, and a document of liability transfer and data destruction which is vital for compliance.”